He kills her and posts the final moments of her agony on Facebook, California shock


By John

He stabs her to death and posts the final moments of her agony on Facebook. Mark Mechikoff, 39 years old and with a criminal record of various kinds, was arrested by the police in California, in San Mateo, not far from the scene of the crime. It was a woman who raised the alarm: she called the Nye County police in Nevada reporting that she had witnessed a “stabbing” on Facebook. The woman, whose name has not been released for now, told the forces of the order the name of the Facebook account of the shock video.

The manhunt began immediately, with the Nye police alerting the San Mateo police. Officers via the given name managed to get to Mechikoff’s address in a large housing estate in the area and began knocking door to door in an attempt to locate the victim and the suspect. After three hours of searching the lifeless body of Claribel Marie Estrella was located, but the killer was not at the scene. The search then expanded and Mechikoff was arrested two hours later in San Jose.

“Although the reasons for the stabbing are still under investigation, we know that the man filmed the victim’s last moments and posted the video on Facebook before running away,” reported the police explaining that the killer and the victim knew each other, although it is not yet clear what kind of relationship they had. “The content of the video is awful. Not only did the victim lose his life but” the fact that the killer “went further and posted the video is even worse”, add the police asking anyone with information and camera footage to come forward and deliver them to the law enforcement agencies to assist in the investigation.

The accident took place last Wednesday. Some neighbors told the police that they heard screams in the evening but did not know if the two incidents were connected. Mechikoff is currently in jail, where he has been denied bail. However, his request for a lawyer was granted. The man has a criminal record: in 2019 he was arrested for hitting a woman and threatening to kill her with a knife. According to some observers, the prosecution could seek the death penalty for the killer. Even if there are no more executions in California, the law does in fact allow the death penalty to be imposed in particular cases such as this could be.