Nightmare appointment in Vibo: young man tied up, tortured and robbed. He had been lured into a woman’s house by deception. Three arrests


By John

It was supposed to be a romantic outing but it turned into a nightmare for a boy from the province of Vibo Valentia. It all started with a friendship born on social media which was followed by a meeting in person. Then I invite him home to continue the evening and here he discovers that he has been lured into a trap. The young man, in fact, in the apartment would have found himself faced with the woman’s son who would have stunned him first with a stick blow to the back of the head, then, with the help of his mother, he would have been tied to a chair, beaten repeatedly and tortured with a bladed weapon which caused him several wounds on his body. The aim would have been to force the victim to reveal the ATM password and any cash deposits at her home.

Faced with the threat of ever greater evils, the young man would have given in. At this point another person would also have entered the scene, accompanying the woman first to the home of the kidnapped person where 2,500 euros in cash would have been stolen and then to a bank branch in Vibo Valentia where a withdrawal would have been made. Only at this point would the unfortunate person have been freed by the trio, threatened not to say anything about the incident to avoid retaliation.

The encounter with a Carabinieri patrol on night duty turned out to be providential and, having noticed the young man, stopped to provide assistance by picking up a detailed complaint. At this point, the military, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor Camillo Falvo and the deputy in charge of the proceedings, began to verify the facts narrated, finding multiple confirmations, both by viewing the videos of the numerous video surveillance cameras scattered throughout the area, and by monitoring the social profiles of the alleged perpetrators of the kidnapping and brutal attack.

Having evaluated the elements collected and their extraordinary gravity, the Prosecutor’s Office issued a detention orderalready carried out by the Operational and Radiomobile Unit of the Carabinieri Company of Vibo Valentia, towards the three alleged perpetrators, already in prison, who will have to answer for kidnapping, possession of weapons, robbery and injuries with the aggravating circumstance of cruelty. The young man, following the injuries sustained, including the fracture of the nasal septum, will have to undergo 45 days of rest and treatment before returning to full health.