Nocera Terinese, the purification plant was tampered with


By John

The Nocera Terinese purification plant was tampered with. During the night between Sunday 26th and Monday 27th November, unknown persons entered the area pertaining to the purification plant, located in Marina De Luca di Nocera Terinese, by first tampering with the alarm system and then cutting the external electrical network of the system itself and taking, in addition to various tools used by the staff, several meters of electrical cable.

The mayor himself announced the news Saverio Russo, which also informs that “from an initial estimate the damage can be quantified at around 50 thousand euros, to which must be added the inconveniences of the inhabitants of the Marina hamlet”. In fact, in several points of the town centre, sewage leaked from the wells, with a real danger to public health. “The municipal administration – concludes the mayor – immediately took action to restore the functionality of the system, reporting the incident to the Carabinieri who are already investigating what happened.”