Nuovo Btp Valore, orders for 4.5 billion collected on the 2nd day. Meanwhile the spread widens to 195 points


By John

Demand for the BTP Valore continues to remain strong. The security for small savers issued by the Mef, on the second day of placement, collected orders for 4.543 billion euros which, added to the 4.768 billion yesterday, bring the total requests to 9.311 billion.

The spread closes at 195 points

The markets, after having received better-than-expected data on the American labor market, fear another increase in interest rates from the Federal Reserve and government bond yields will be pushed upwards. That of the 10-year BTP closes at 4.9%, the highest in the last 11 years, since November 2012. The spread with the Bund widened to 195 points (and the yield of the German bond rose to 2.95%).