Catanzaro, 10 Km Road Walk in Pescara: Edoardo Alfieri increases his haul with 3 silvers


By John

Edoardo Alfieri continues his journey at the European Masters Athletics Championships Emac 2023 in Pescara in the heel and toe specialty. Now there are 3 silver medals as he climbs to the second step of the European podium also in the 10 km Road Walk with an individual and team medal as European vice champion. The individual ranking sees this trio in the top 3 places on the podium with 1st place Miloslav Lapka (Czech Republic), in 2nd place Edoardo Alfieri (Italy and ASD Youth Sports Center Catanzaro Lido) and 3rd place Pedro Jose Aranda Fernandez (Esp Spain). The Italian team also climbed onto the podium on the second step, winning the team silver and, despite Alfieri’s feat and best time, Italy found itself cheated of the European title due to an important withdrawal of another Italian member of the team. And for a handful of seconds the team title went to Spain. There is disappointment but at the same time a desire for redemption and Edoardo Alfieri says that everything is postponed until next Saturday where he will attempt the double feat with double individual and team gold in the 20 km. In corporate circles everyone recognizes the sacrifices and exploits of athlete and the children of the Runcard Youn Project are satisfied in having a leader of such importance who becomes a great stimulus for those who have become close to the queen of sports.