Old city of Cosenza, Caruso avoids criticism and promises a return to its ancient glories


By John

The turbulences cross in the bowels of the old City where the “rebels” in the name of… Past of Cosenza (the members of the Democratic Party, Sergio De Simone, Alessandro Grandinetti, Saverio Carlo Greco and Giacomo Mancini), accuse: «Nothing has been done to remedy limitations, failures, delays, non-compliances for that part of the city». A rift in the center-left that Franz Caruso tries to mend with the needle and thread of patience and by putting a new intervention on the table: «For the relaunch of our historic center not only CIS and the Urban Agenda, but also attention to detail. The wall of the historic “Salita dei Tribunali”, today via Don Luigi Maletta, has been restored, which represents one of the most evocative and beautiful views of Cosenza Vecchia set in its more general and overall historical-cultural heritage of extraordinary immeasurable value”. The mayor's exit comes after yet another remark from the most intransigent Dem wing: «After three years of Caruso's administration it unfortunately becomes clear to the people of Cosenza that there is no idea of ​​a city which during the mandate should have at least begun to realize”. A criticism outside the metaphors, the liturgies of transversal messages, of the warnings that intersect in a gray language.
Moreover, in recent weeks, De Simone, Grandinetti, Greco and Mancini had produced a detailed report on the old city (“received with the usual arrogance”). And, in the last few hours, the Democratic Party that governs the city in the wide field drawn on the left has come under scrutiny. Behind the scenes, the dissent reflects a karst intolerance towards the leaders of the Cosenza party which ignores listening to “militants, members, and voters in order to strengthen and relaunch the political and administrative action of the centre-left in the city”. Behind the scenes, in fact, the dissent is much more widespread and reflects a karst intolerance destined to legitimize the internal branch.
Caruso avoids the frontal attack by avoiding the anger of the critical soul of the Democratic Party by choosing to dedicate himself to the commitment that in reality is constant in the historic center. «The recovery of the wall of the Salita dei Tribunali is an important intervention, albeit of modest size – clarified the mayor – especially if considered in the more overall context of our impressive action to relaunch and rebirth the Historic Center which we are carrying out, quickly, through the Urban Agenda and CIS projects. The goal that drives me and that I pursue is to remove our beautiful ancient heart from the situation of abandonment to which it had been relegated in recent years, to bring it back to the glories and splendors of the past and, above all, to revitalize it. The latter is a goal that can be reached more easily and quickly today thanks to the opening of the degree course in nursing sciences in the monumental complex of San Domenico, which officially started last October 3rd, representing a historic moment for Cosenza Vecchia and the entire city, which I have pursued since I took office and for which I thank the rector of Unical, Nicola Leone, for the openness and sensitivity shown.