On 19 and 20 April in Patti the national assembly of “SOS Impresa – Network for Legality”


By John

The province of Messina is the center of the Italian anti-racket movement with the National Assembly of the Associations of “SOS Impresa – Rete per la Legalità”, which will meet in Patti for two days of meetings on 19 and 20 April.
A first moment of particular importance is scheduled for the morning of Friday 19 April, starting from 10 am, with the solidarity initiative at the “Gruppo Mammana” company in Castel di Lucio, which just recently suffered an act intimidating with the burning of a vehicle inside a construction site. Therefore, on Friday afternoon, at 6 pm at the Hotel “La Playa” in Patti, the national assembly will be held which will involve representatives of the various associations.
On the morning of Saturday 20 April, the key event will be the conference scheduled at the municipal hall in Piazza Mario Sciacca in Patti. It will be an important opportunity for dialogue and discussion in the presence of high representatives of the institutions. The meeting, moderated by the journalist Giuseppe Romeo, will be opened by the mayor of Patti Gianluca Bonsignore, followed by speeches by Angelo Vittorio Cavallo, Public Prosecutor of Patti, Mario Samperi, President of the Court of Patti and His Excellency the Prefect of Messina, Cosima By Stani. Following the reports by Giuseppe Scandurra and Luigi Cuomo, respectively Vice President and National President of “SOS Impresa – Rete per la Legalità”, then Vito Di Giorgio, Deputy Prosecutor of the DDA of Messina, the Army Corps General Giovanni Truglio will intervene , Interregional Commander of the Carabinieri “Culqualber” and the Chief Prosecutor of the Republic of Messina, Antonio D'Amato.

The conclusions will be entrusted to HE Prefect Maria Grazia Nicolò, Extraordinary Government Commissioner for the Coordination of anti-racket and anti-usury initiatives.

«It is a source of particular pride and satisfaction to host an event of such great importance, enriched by the participation of authorities and high representatives of the institutions – comments the national vice president Giuseppe Scandurra -. It is no coincidence that the National Assembly is taking place in Sicily and in particular in the Messina area, which has stood out for the amount of activity carried out with a significant number of complaints from entrepreneurs, whom we have accompanied step by step. The meeting at the Mammana company, historically on the front line against racketeering and to which we have always been close, was therefore very significant for us, to reiterate our concrete presence. The assembly of the associations and the Patti conference will therefore be opportunities of extraordinary importance to discuss what has been done so far, the current situation of the anti-racket movement and the prospects for concrete commitment for the future in the fight for the affirmation of the values ​​of legality and justice in the territory”.