European elections, Cateno De Luca inaugurates the electoral campaign: “Less Europe, more sovereignty”. With him La Vardera


By John

In a sold out room at the Quirino theater in Rome, Cateno De Luca kicked off the electoral campaign by presenting the definitive symbol and the political manifesto, signed by the entire team that will run in the European elections on 8 and 9 June. The mayor of Taormina, leader of South Calls North, has joined his “Freedom” front together with former 5S deputy minister Laura Castelli in Rome for the electoral race: «The electoral campaign of the 'Freedom' constellation opens». Today “21 movements” are starting to say “less Europe, more Italy. Less Europe, more sovereignty”, said De Luca. “We are not 'the others', we are a force of freedom. And this is the word that brings us together here “, said Castelli. The political groups that joined Cateno De Luca's list signed the manifesto 'United against liberticidal Europe'. Exactly 19 points united under the values ​​”Peace, Sovereignty, Equity, Federalism”.

And the day after the presentation, confirmation arrives that the group leader at the Ars of South Calls North, Ismaele La Vardera, will run for the European elections which will be held in Cateno De Luca's Libertà list. “I responded to the appeal that Cateno made to me, because I believe that our movement must give its idea of ​​Europe to the Sicilians, the same ones who elected us as the first political force in the Region. The most convenient path could have been to remain to watch without getting involved, in fact I already have the infamous 'armchair'. But faced with a world situation of extreme instability, faced with a Europe that was born on the rubble of the Second World War to guarantee peace and stability and which today, however, there is an arms race, I think we have to say and do something. That's why I'm putting my face to it. For me it will be like a coupon to measure the work done up to now in the Sicilian Parliament, the people by voting for me and by voting for us will be able to judge our work. We haven't fear, we know that every day we put our soul, heart and passion into changing the fate of our land, unlike those who have been administering Sicily for two years by hiding and running away from their responsibilities. In Palermo I will compete against sacred monsters of the old politics from Tamajo to Milazzo, I will do it like David against the Goliaths, but I am convinced that the citizens will be able to best choose those who have the ability to make us feel like truly European citizens”.