On Prime the miniseries “Bicycle Man”, a sentimental thriller made in Calabria


By John

A drug created to make dogs aggressive during clandestine fights becomes a danger for humans who, due to the fearsome substance, turn into ferocious killers.
The plot of the television miniseries entitled “Bicycle Man” directed by Renato Pagliuso, Calabrian director, screenwriter and producer – already known for films such as “Racconto Calabrese”, “Loneliness of a Director”, “The Wait” – which has recently debuted on Prime Video (and will soon be on Prime International).
Filmed entirely in Calabria without public funds, the series consists of six episodes of about half an hour each, during which the stories of Sam (the Roman actor Fernando Di Virgilio), an old bicycle mechanic nicknamed Bicycle Man, intertwine. involved in inexplicable events after a mysterious man hid in his shop, and other characters who interact with him unaware of what is happening.
Set between Rossano and the Sibari plain for a total of 54 interior and exterior locations, the thriller has an almost entirely Calabrian cast in which the protagonists include Paolo Mauro (in the new role of detective Frank Loria), Raffaella Reda, Emilia Brandi, Valentina Savane, and again Carmelo Giordano, Francesco Aiello, Romy Costantino, Eugenio Fortino and Gianbattista Picerno. The only exceptions are Di Virgilio and the Spanish actress Merixtell Laso.
The cast of technicians is also made up of Calabrian workers, among whom it is worth mentioning the very young director of photography Jonathan Elia: “He is a student of mine – states the director – who has followed me since he was 16 and today when he is only 21 he already has great experience.”
The music bears the signature of the duo “The Villa Studios”, alias Susan Di Bona and Salvatore Sangiovanni, who compose in their recording studio in Praia a Mare; the sets are by Angelo Bilotta and the editing by Toni Perri. A cinema made by independent artists that deserves attention precisely because it is fueled by so much passion and great commitment.