On the eve of Sancataldese-Reggina, Reggina begins to show its true colors


By John

It’s the eve of Sancataldese-Reggina, the penultimate match of the 2023 calendar year for Bruno Trocini’s men. The Amaranths are chasing success on the field against an opponent who has only won three points less. A complicated match with the Amaranths called to find the continuity that has been missing up to now.

Meanwhile, there is market news. The Amaranth club has signed striker Bertony Renelus. He comes from Fasano, where he made 15 appearances in the first part of the season. Born on 23 February 2002, he grew up in the youth sector of Sarcelles AAS, the team from his hometown. At the age of 18, in the 2020-21 season, he signed up for Afro Napoli United and then moved to Nuova Florida in Serie D the following season.

But let’s get back to tomorrow’s championship match. Compared to the match won with difficulty against Locri, Nino Barillà is expected to return to the starting line-up. And compared to the past, the presence of Porcino must now be considered. In the last two games the other left-footed player from Reggio has played as a left midfielder, a role which in theory could also be that of Barillà. In this case, the coaches’ theory according to which the important thing is to have good players is fully applied, so that their correct simultaneous positioning can be found in one way or another.

It seems clear that from a tactical point of view Reggina is now moving towards an alternation between 4-3-3 and 4-3-1-2. In the first case, Porcino’s ability to occupy any position on the left wing could be exploited, deploying him on the outside of the trident with Barillà on the midline as a left midfielder.
In the second eventuality Porcino would occupy the position in midfield and the captain would act as a “raider” attacking midfielder in support of the two strikers. Among other things, these are positions that could be assumed dynamically throughout the match, without necessarily having to think about a crystallized game system.

Zucco’s difficult recovery makes the use of Rossetti unlikely, as he has also just recovered from a physical problem. Without an alternative under the class of 2004, Trocini will have to field a midfield of overs. Considering the use of Velcea (2004) in goal, Martinez (2005) and Cham (2005) as right and left backs, he remains a player who was at least born in 2003 and should be sent onto the field.

It will probably have to be one of Provazza (2003) or Altamura (2004) in attack. The former has more characteristics as a winger and with Locri he found the play that resolved a match that had proven to be very difficult for Reggina, winning the penalty scored by Barillà with a personal action. The other, deployed as a forward in the 4-3-1-2 seen in Ravanusa with Canicattì, offered Bolzicco the assist for the decisive goal in the penultimate victory of the Amaranth season.

Zanchi’s confirmation in the starting eleven is more difficult. Last Sunday he played as a left back, thanks to the choice to field under Perri (born in 2005) in the advanced area.