“Pact for Reggio”, the first one was good. A treasure of 15 million arrives


By John

15 million euros have arrived as the second installment destined for the Municipality after the signing of the “Pact for Reggio” signed by the Draghi government. The resources linked to the increase in collection capacity arrive from the Interior Ministry after the verification of the report relating to the first year of validity of the agreement between Palazzo San Giorgio and the government.
The resources needed to balance the accounts of the capital municipalities of metropolitan cities with a per capita deficit greater than 700 euros are a real “treasure” for the administration but are still tied to the increase in activities aimed at reducing the debt.
How we arrived at this second important step: the Municipality sent to the Revenue Collection Agency a very long list of citizens who are not up to date with the payment of taxes. An action which, on the one hand, has not yet allowed the resources to be confiscated, on the other hand it represented a decisive input to allow a positive evaluation by the inspectors of the Ministry of the Interior who are required both to monitor every five years and to the annual one to decide on the sending or freezing of resources.