“Pèriplo (Buttitta Chisciotte Colapesce)” by and with Gaspare Balsamo opens “Teatri di Naso”, a journey into contemporary dramaturgy


By John

Will be “Pèriplo (Buttitta Chisciotte Colapesce)”written, directed and starring Gaspare Balsamoone of the most famous Sicilian cuntisti, to inaugurate the March 24 “Theatres of Naso”the program of contemporary Italian dramaturgy, which will be staged in the beautiful “Vittorio Alfieri” theater of the Nebroid municipality.

«It is with great joy and boundless pride that we reopen the doors of the Vittorio Alfieri theater and we do it thanks to “Teatri di Naso, Contemporary theater review” – says the mayor Gaetano Nani -. That is, with an innovative and very interesting theater review which I am sure will be the first of a long series. The Vittorio Alfieri is one of the many jewels that Naso lovingly guards, a treasure chest of rare beauty that deserves to be increasingly valued. Our city, known for its immense cultural and artistic richness and reference point for the vast Nebroid area, also focuses on this type of event, to make its thousand-year history better known. I am sure that “Teatri di Naso”, my first theater review, will be able to attract many fans; at the same time, the city of Naso, with its thousand-year history, open-air museum, rich in art and traditions, will make even the most demanding visitor fall in love.”

The poster, entrusted to the organization of the cultural association “Sancho Panza Castle” and the artistic direction of Roberto Zorn Bonaventura, features seven shows. After “Periplos”, on April 28th it will be the turn of “Occam's Razor” by Giusi Arimatea and Giovanni Maria Currò, with Alessio Bonaffini, Tino Calabrò and Mauro Failla; then on May 18th “Era October” by and with Tino Caspanello, alongside Tino Calabrò, will be on stage, and on June 1st “Le mille bubble blu” by Salvatore Rizzo, directed and starring Filippo Luna.

After the summer break, “Teatri di Naso” will resume in October with “The Big Lie”, written and directed by Claudio Fava and starring David Coco; will continue in November with “La locandiera esprit de pomme de terre”, inspired by Goldoni, written, directed and starring Andrea Saitta, alongside Andrea Pacelli, Maria Chiara Pellitteri and Norman Quaglierini. Conclusion in December with “In Alto Mare” by Slawomir Mrozek, directed by Roberto Zorn Bonaventura, starring Giulia De Luca, Francesco Natoli, Gianfranco Quero and Michelangelo Maria Zanghì.

Furthermore, under the common denomination “Spring for girls and boys”there will be three shows for the little ones: “Hello!” (in English) on April 7; “Little myths of the sea” on April 21st and “The crafty tailor” on May 26th.

«I am very happy – declares the artistic director Roberto Zorn Bonaventura – to be able to curate this review in a splendid theater like the Vittorio Alfieri in Naso. A theater that in the past has seen beautiful seasons curated by excellent artistic directors. I must thank the mayor Gaetano Nanì, the councilor Rosita Ferrarotto and the entire municipal administration which is focusing a lot on the culture and general growth of its territory. Naso is an important and beautiful town with enchanting places. The event, based on contemporary theatre, is designed for an audience of all ages, with quality shows and artists who know how to involve the viewer with current, popular and entertaining stories, but which at the same time make us reflect on important themes of our existence . In my choices I favored the Sicilian territory, but at the same time I focused on actors and authors who have had consolidated national success for years now. Some of the protagonists we will see on stage are also known to the general public for important roles in cinema and TV series, such as, among others, Gaspare Balsamo, Filippo Luna and David Coco.”

“Teatri di Naso” benefits from the support of LatitudesSicilian drama network, of the technical direction of Stefano Barbagallo and the graphics of Riccardo Bonaventura.