Pistol appears among the brambles of Belmonte Calabro. The weapon, unregistered, was in a cliff on former Highway 18


By John

A gun appears from the brambles. As part of specific searches ordered by the police commissioner of Cosenza, Giuseppe Cannizzaro, throughout the entire territory of the Tyrrhenian coast of Cosenza, this morning it was found in a cliff of the former state road 18 in the territory of Belmonte Calabro a semi-automatic pistol. This is a 110, a weapon that was used quite a bit in the past. The discovery was made by the agents of the State Police of the Paola police station under the orders of the chief commissioner Elga Rossignuolo.

The weapon – whose serial number was not abraded, but in any case is not registered – was entrusted to police specialists to verify its origin. It is not excluded, considering the difficult place in which it was found, that it was used for criminal actions and then thrown away in the hope that no one would find it. Information on the discovery of the weapon was given to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Paola. We are currently working on unknown persons.

In recent days the police are intensifying checks on the coast and in particular they are looking for drugs. In fact, the hilly and hidden areas are fertile ground, where cannabis plantations sprout like mushrooms.