Press review 01-31-2024 Calabria edition


By John

In this video some of the main titles of our newspaper, Calabrian editions. Below are the others that you can read in the newspaper on newsstands today:

  • ‘Ndrangheta in Northern Italy, former magistrate Pennisi: «Infiltration is the past: the clans now look to finance»
  • Third mandate for the first citizens, the Anci: yes also in the large municipalities of Calabria
  • Catanzaro, Parco Romani towards a crossroads: the Umg and Invimit hypotheses are in play
  • Car theft alarm at the UMG in Catanzaro, students are worried
  • Gallace clan of Guardavalle, confiscation cancelled: restaurant returned to Tedesco
  • Lamezia, the Cantagalli torrent is scary. Former councilor Fiore Isabella: «It risks overflowing»
  • Water service, the TAR takes time on the appeal of the 12 Crotone municipalities
  • Vibo, the hub of schools in… emergency between works and classrooms left in the cold
  • Salaries and bonuses denied, the school world protests in Cosenza
  • Cosenza, for the former policeman Maurizio Abate the drug dealing trail remains intact
  • Cosenza, criminal lawyers ask to celebrate the “Reset” maxi-trial in the city
  • Cassano, 3 sentences imposed for the collapse of “Vidoni” and “Sibari-Firmo”
  • Municipality of Reggio, the day of the motion of no confidence but first a “dancer” substitute
  • Waste and fires in the Marconi district of Reggio, an environmental emergency
  • Reggio, big party for grandmother Grazia’s 108th birthday
  • Gioia Tauro port of legality and work
  • Siderno, first rumors about the works in the Limina tunnel: «We will intervene on individual infiltrations»