Province of Cosenza, delegations arriving. Majority summit yesterday


By John

As many delegations as there are majority councillors. That's eight. Which will then increase to seven, since one position is reserved for the vice president. This is the scheme proposed last night during a meeting of the members of the government team in the Province, inaugurated by the president, Rosaria Succurro.
On background the assignment of functions approximately two and a half months after the elections for the renewal of the civic assembly in Piazza 15 Marzo, which saw the centre-right coalition prevail, when the leadership of the organization was already the prerogative of the same group.
In short, the idea is to reward all the political forces that have contributed to the success at the polls, from Forza Italia, which was the first party in terms of preferences received, to Fratelli d'Italia (Ad Maiora list), capable of delivering at the assembly the most voted candidate overall, passing through Action and Southern Italy, the latter taking the field by making an agreement with the League.
Their strong point was the municipal councilor of Bisignano, Andrea Algieri, who should be responsible for agriculture.