Purification in Calabria, approval from the Council to provide guidance for interventions in coastal municipalities


By John

The Council of the Calabria Region, in today's session, on the proposal of the president, approved the act of direction regarding the interventions to be planned for the efficiency and refunctionalization of the purification plants and urban wastewater lifting stations.

The interventions envisaged by the approved act also arise from the need to define actions similar to those already implemented in previous years and in the first months of 2024when, together with Arpa Calabria and Azienda Calabria verde, an investigation and monitoring campaign was launched aimed at verifying the actual operating status of the purification plants and lifting stations of the coastal municipalities.

The objective is to di intervene in time to avoid environmental damage and restore the normal wastewater collection and disposal service.

The activity is part of those carried out by the Region for the protection of public health and the environment aimed, in particular, at the purification and sewerage plants located in the coastal municipalities.

With the same deliberative act, in order to avoid dangerous situations for public health and damage to the environment, the regional Department of Territory and Environmental Protection is mandated to proceed with the approval of an operational plan for the identification of interventions priorities.