Reclamation of the area of ​​the former industrial sites of Crotone, technical-operational meeting with the extraordinary commissioner Errigo


By John

A technical-operational meeting which focused on the problems relating to the reclamation of the area of ​​former industrial sites and which follows a series of meetings which took place in recent weeks. This is what happened this morning, in the Town Hall, between the mayor Vincenzo Voce and the extraordinary commissioner for general reclamation Emilio Errigo. We work in the belief that 2024 could be the decisive year for the reclamation of the former industrial sites of Crotone. Decisive year if Eni converges on the inevitability of carrying out a real reclamation and rehabilitation work in the Crotone area. However, as has been observed, we are on the right path as both the municipal administration and the commissioner are working in synergy with the aim of supporting the reclamation process that safely removes what the mayor has repeatedly defined as the “real poisons”. Synergy that has also been established with other interested bodies such as the Region and the Province. If on the one hand the administration through its technicians supports the mayor’s vision in relation to the reclamation, on the other hand Commissioner Errigo is developing a series of institutional meetings at ministerial level aimed at a broad convergence on what are the real needs of the territory regarding environmental protection. In addition to the reclamation, other environmental problems were discussed such as the CIC and the Tenorm present in sites other than that of the industrial area as well as the dredging of the port and monitoring of the maritime space falling within the perimeter SIN area, a maritime area currently prohibited from bathing and fishing.