Recovery, the investigation into drug trafficking in the Cosentino area: 112 measures confirmed. The accusatory system holds for excellent names


By John

The Catanzaro DDA investigation into drug trafficking, called “Recoverypassed the guillotine of the Review Court unscathed. The TDL judges confirmed one hundred and twelve of the one hundred and forty precautionary measures. Only twenty-eight did not pass the step required by the Criminal Procedure Code. In any case, these are marginal figures in the Bruzio criminal context. For the rest – and while awaiting the trial – the overall structure of the investigation, coordinated by the Head of the Anti-Mafia Prosecutor's Office Vincenzo Capomolla and the deputies Vito Valerio and Corrado Cubellotti, showed a certain solidity.

The judges of the Review, in fact, have confirmed all the precautionary measures issued by the district investigating judge against the excellent suspects such as Francesco Patitucci, Mario Piromallo, Roberto Porcaro, Antonio Illuminato, Silvia Guido, Simone De Marco, Bruno Calvelli, Luigi Garofalo, Augusto Cardamone, Franco Scorza, Filippo Maria Rende Granata , Francesco De Grandis, Egidio Cipolla, Giuseppe Carolei, Manuel Esposito, Francesco Viapiana and Francesco Guarnieri. Everyone must be considered not guilty until the facts with which they are accused are definitively ascertained.

The investigation “Recovery” is considered the “natural consequence” of the monumental maxi-operation called “Reset” who in September 2021 made waste of the so-called “confederate gangs” who for years now had assumed control of every aspect of social and economic life in the Cosenza-Rende urban area. The “Reset” investigation in particular also had a political offshoot. The now former mayor of Rende Marcello Manna and the former councilor Pino Munno were also caught up in the investigation. A circumstance which – always without prejudice to the presumed non-guilt of the two suspects until the definitive ascertainment of the disputed facts – subsequently led to the dissolution of the city council due to mafia infiltration. After three years, the DDA closed the circle with the investigation called “Recovery” into drug trafficking, a circumstance which had only been mentioned in the previous investigation.