Syracuse, success for the premiere of Plautus' Miles gloriosus


By John

Applause for the premiere of Miles gloriosus by Plautus, the comedy directed by Leo Muscato, third production this year by the Inda Foundation. At the Greek theater in Syracuse the spectators laugh at the misunderstandings and deceptions orchestrated by Palestrione, a much applauded Giulia Fiume, to the detriment of Pirgopolinice, Paola Minaccioni, a true showman who dialogues with the public with the thousand expressions on her face. And spectators are also teased when they have to follow the rhythm of the music.

A story of abuse of power and of a bullied person who in turn becomes a bully for the comedy staged for the first time in the ancient cavea. Only women on stage, 40 of them from the choir (a choir not foreseen but desired by the director), who move in an undisciplined military camp beyond measure, colorful and noisy amidst misunderstandings and deceptions. A chorus that breaks out when “Lady marmelade” arrives.
The director Leo Muscato watches with his family from the steps of the theater. «Men are ugly beasts because they have to deal with women», it is impossible «to find an intelligent and beautiful one», «Alas I will have to be bossed around by a woman» are some of the phrases of the text that Muscato wanted the women to say.

Also on stage are Elena Polic Greco (choir leader), Alice Spisa, Pilar Perez Aspa, Francesca Mària, Gloria Carovana, Arianna Primavera, Ilaria Ballantini, Deniz Ozdogan, Anna Charlotte Barbera, Valentina Spaletta Tavella, Ginevra Di Marco, Sara Dho, Alessandra Fazzino , Valentina Ferrante, Diamara Ferrero, Valeria Girelli, Margherita Mannino, Stella Piccioni, Giulia Rupi, Rebecca Sisti, Silvia Valenti, Irene Villa and Sara Zoia.

For the debut, the Inda Foundation reserved an “occupied place” for the theatre, symbol of women victims of feminicide, accepting the invitation of the “Una Quale Centomila” Foundation which works to support anti-violence centres.