Reform of reclamation consortia. The Democratic Party attacks Occhiuto: “A matter of trust demeans the role of the Regional Council”


By John

«In more than fifty years of regionalism, the functioning of the maximum Calabrian legislative assembly had never been mortified in such a reprehensible way and forced to submit to the arrogance of a single man in command: the addition of the qhe issue of trust on the reform of the reclamation consortia it highlights an unprecedented institutional arrogance”.

This was stated by the regional councilors of the Democratic Party in a note.

“What is mortified – the dem councilors continue – is not only the function of the consiliar minority, but the role of all the councilors, including the many in the majority who are opposed to this regulatory upheaval. And there’s more: the silencing of the debate also cuts out the categories directly involved, the trade unions and all the players in the area. At this point we do not understand the usefulness of the commission meeting already convened for Monday 31ston the occasion of which the various hearings were scheduled”.

“Is this really the concept of democracy that President Occhiuto intends to pursue? – asks the Pd group – And are the majority regional councilors really willing to accept the annulment of their role and their prerogatives without a murmur? We – conclude the dem councilors – still hope not and will continue the dialogue with all the council groups: this is an issue that goes far beyond the natural divisions between the majority and the opposition. Here the foundations of representative democracy are at stake”.