Reggina, 3 point bonus. Tomorrow the 3-0 forfeit and the home recovery against Lamezia


By John

Three more points for the win against Città di Sant’Agata and the recovery against Lamezia. These are the two elements that, in a few days, could change Reggina’s ranking prospects. As long as we see signs of recovery in terms of play and team unity, fueling the optimistic hypothesis that the lack of performance against Città di Sant’Agata was episodic. Meanwhile, the purchase of striker Tomás Bolzicco is official, who yesterday signed up to the club with an annual contract. «We are moving forward with our sporting project – says sporting director Maurizio Pellegrino – with great strength and determination. I thank the owners for the arrival of an important player like Tomas.”
Returning to Sunday, the facts relating to the defeat that should turn into victory are linear. After the third and fourth substitution, Sant’Agata played for 3 minutes with one under less than the 4 required by regulation. This is enough to apply the provision of press release number 1 of the LND for the 2023-2024 season. It is specified, in fact, that failure to comply with the rule on young people is punished “with the sanction of losing the match provided for by the Code of Sports Justice”. After the already announced appeal by the Strait club, fate appears sealed and favorable to the amaranth colours.
The three points would be welcomed at Reggina as an authentic bonus for Trocini’s team has the burden of not wasting. There can only be one path to follow: beat Lamezia in injury time on the third day, replicate the away success against Ragusa and regain technical-tactical credibility as a high-level team in view of the big match against Trapani on November 1st. The path will be very complicated, also because new critical issues are being added compared to those known since the beginning of the season: the physical problems of key players.
Zanchi, out injured on Sunday, suffered an elongation of the medial collateral of his right knee. New tests are expected today for further investigation. Cham is still struggling with a muscle problem that has caused him to miss the last two races. Instrumental checks highlighted a first- to second-degree distraction of the biceps femoris of the left thigh. The striker Rosseti instead resumed training only a few days ago after the sprained ankle suffered against Siracusa on 1 October.
Today is already the eve of the match against Lamezia. In front there will be one of the teams considered among the possible favourites. The match will be a complicated one, but the paradox for the Amaranths is that there is still the possibility of taking full spoils in what was a crucial home double round.