Reggina beats Sancataldese with Barillà and Provazza and consolidates fourth place


By John

Reggina-Sancataldese 2-0

Markers: 3' Barillà, 36' st Provazza

REGGINA: Martinez 6; Martiner 6, Girasole 6.5, Kremenovic 6 (17' st Renelus 6), Cham 5.5; Mungo 6 (26' st Zanchi sv), Barillà 7 (37' st Salandria sv), Porcino 6; Provazza 6.5, Rosseti 5.5 (20' st Bolzicco 6), Perri 6 (17' st Zucco 6). Available: Velcea, Adejo, Rana, Belpanno, . All. Trocini 6
SANCATALDESE (4-3-3): La Cagnina 6; Brumat 5.5, Parisi 5.5, Duli 5.5 (1' st Giuffrida 6), Samake 6; Siino 6 (15' st Catalano 6), Calabrese 5.5, Dampha 6 (24' st Petracca sv); Mazza 6 (39' st Terrana sv), Varela 6, Durmush 6 (46' st Viscuso db). Available: Dolenti, Scalia, Germano, Papotto. . All. Lu Vito 6

Referee: We are from Salerno

Spectators: 3,891 of which 106 guests

Fifth consecutive victory for Reggina who beat Sancataldese at the Granillo. For the Amaranths it is the sixth success in a row within friendly walls. The goals from Barillà and Provazza decided the match against the Sicilians.

The three points won will not help the Amaranths improve on fourth place. Vibonese's success makes third place unattainable and, although there is still a match to play, there is the certainty of destiny in the play offs. In the first round, the Amaranths will face Buscè's team.

The match with Sancataldese, despite having remained in the balance for a long time in the outcome, was always in full control of the Amaranths. Trocini's team broke the deadlock after three minutes and did so with the usual Barillà.

The captain hit the target with a nice first-time right-footed shot from the edge, which came at the culmination of an insistent action by the Amaranths.

From that moment on the race did not reserve great emotions. The pace wasn't very high and, thanks to the advantage, there wasn't a Reggina that pushed on the accelerator.

Sancatataldese had the merit of staying in the game, avoiding going too far in search of an equalizer. A choice that would have been very risky, considering the speed of the Amaranth offensive wingers.

The Sicilians, despite not creating much, still managed to get the equalizer by taking advantage of an amaranth defensive error in the second half. A save by Girasole on Varela was decisive, after the attacker had only managed to appear in front of goalkeeper Martinez due to Cham's incorrect control of the ball.

After the only thrill, Reggina returned to keeping control of the game and creating scoring opportunities. Provazza took care of closing the match again, receiving a ball from Barillà in the area and finishing with a right-footed shot.