Reggina between hopes and future hypotheses: appeal to the Council of State and transfer of ownership


By John

Transfer of ownership, appeal to the Council of State which is approaching and the future if things go in the worst way. These are the three themes that are in scope Reggina they hold court and they will also do so in the next few days. Thursday was the day in which the takeover talks of the club had come to a halt. A situation which, according to what was explained on the same day by the metropolitan mayor Carmelo Versace, was mainly referable to the alleged request of Manuele Ilari: 500,000 euros to make way for new buyers.

Half a million euros which, based on the reconstructions that have emerged, would clearly not be used to buy the club, but to take over the position of the Roman entrepreneur. The latter, as is known, is the owner of 100% of the shares, but with an agreement that will be definitive only after the eventual admission to the Serie B championship. This would mean that whoever buys would ensure only the ” ticket” for the “carousel” of the appeal without any certainty. Then there would obviously be the amount due to pay for the purchase of the company. The flip side of the coin is that unblocking the situation seems to have a price. The fact that the talks continued yesterday also suggests that attempts will be made to close again. The great unknown factor, considering the goal of concluding before August 29, is above all the weather.

Among other things, it has also proved to be one of the companies that are part of the consortium that would be ready to acquire Reggina. We are talking about the Commenda Magistrale company, a consortium that brings together seven hundred wineries in Salento under its own brand. The communiqué spoke of a “pool of entrepreneurs” who “gave a definitive mandate to doctor Ivan Rizzuto to sign the transfer of shares to the new shareholder structure for the purchase of Reggina”. The other companies, on the other hand, would be disclosed after the sentence of the Council of State. Will there be an agreement for the sale? One of the few certainties is that time is running out.

Meanwhile, yesterday Felice Saladini issued a statement in relation to statements that he defined as “serious, false and slanderous”. «There is – he explained – no identification between me and Manuele Ilari; I have never given my willingness to resume the club’s dues, either for the present or for the future”. Waiting to understand if the turning point will come on the change of ownership front, the Council of State is now around the corner. The mayors of Reggio Calabria Brunetti and Versace commented on an indiscretion published in Brescia: “It has a certain effect – they stated – to read that federal circles take for granted the rejection of the appeal to the Council of State of Reggina and therefore the admission of Brescia in the Serie B championship. We have faith in sports institutions and we are certain that no one in the federal environment could have said such a thing. It would be serious to imagine that someone, by leaking confidence in the admission of the Rondinelle to the cadet championship, perhaps thinks of putting pressure on the decision of the Council of State».

The day of the sentence is getting closer and closer. Brunetti, among other things, speaking to the Guarantee Commission of the Municipality anticipated that the municipal administration has taken steps to ask for registration in Serie D for a new city club if things go wrong. For the restart there would be entrepreneurs ready even in that case.