Reggina dominates the undefeated Licata, with Barillà and Marras scoring


By John

First seasonal test of strength for the new Reggina led by Bruno Trocini who beats Licata within friendly walls. The team repeats the success in Portici and does so with great authority after the first dull tests of the season. The step forward in terms of performance is evident, with a team that appears to be growing greatly.

Pushed again by a very hot Granillo, the amaranth team prevailed over an opponent who had crossed the Strait undefeated. It was crucial to immediately capitalize on the good start with the episode that immediately channeled the match on tracks congenial to the home team.

The goal that broke the deadlock was scored by Nino Barillà, once again effective from the spot. The captain won the penalty and then went under the curve to celebrate, complete with a kiss on his shirt.

The player from Reggio Emilia played as an authentic driving force for a team that, although evidently not yet in top form, managed to freeze the match and always keep it in control.

The opponent wasn’t the easiest. The men of Roman they played their match, they showed interesting plots and some automatism of an excellent team. Director Murgia was certainly among the best, although it was clear that there were two teams, at least in terms of starting values, of different levels on the pitch.

In the second half it was again Barillà who offered the doubling ball Marras. The former Parma player did well to find an opening on the left side of the opponent’s penalty area and pick out his teammate, who was immediately ready to redeem the penalty he had missed in Portici.

Having found the double, the Amaranths thought above all about preserving the result. They did it not without worries, because Licata found some important plays. Where the defensive resistance wasn’t enough, the usual Martinez served to provide saves and interventions that prevented the match from reopening. A risk that shouldn’t have been taken, considering that Reggina still has to deal with a precarious physical condition and it could have been difficult to hold up with so many minutes on their legs.

On the wings of enthusiasm, however, Trocini’s men had several opportunities to make the result more rounded, but a pinch of concreteness was missing. After the first three outings in which Reggina had offered unconvincing performances, for the first time there was the sensation of being faced with a promising project. Confirmations will be needed before we can believe that the path to a top championship has been definitively taken.

REGGINA: Martinez 6.5; Parodi 6 (1’st Kremenovic 6), Ingegneri 6, Zanchi 6.5; Dervishi 6, Barillà 7, (41′ st Provazza sv), Mungo 6, Cham 6; Marras 6.5 (18′ st Salandria 6), Coppola 6 (15′ st Altamura 6), Zucco 6.5 (26′ st Ponzo sv). available: Fecit, Bianco,, Bontempi, Martiner,. Trainer: Trocini 6.5

LICATA: Valenti 6; Calaiò 5.5, Cappello 5.5, Orlando 5.5 (26′ st Haberkom sv); Murgia 6 (38′ st Francia sv), Pedalino 5.5 (18′ st Currò 5.5), Rotulo 6.6 (36′ st Vari), Giannone 5.5, Lanza 5.5; Saito 5.5 (18′ st Biondi), Minacori 6. available: Perkons, , Garau, Cipriano, Giuliana. Trainer: Roman 6

Referee: Palmieri 6

Assistants: Rizzi-Claps

Markers: 11′ Barillà, 4′ st Marras

Warned: Lanza, Ponzo, Currò, Zanchi

Recovery: 1′, 5′


Angles: 3-9