Reggina has the “pillars” on which to build


By John

Reggina is heading towards the last part of the season which opens on Sunday, when Ciccio Cozza’s Gioiese will arrive at the “Granillo”. Twelve races in which the minimum objective is to finish the regular season in fourth place.
The break was a new opportunity to refine game mechanics. However, the two thirds of the season played have allowed us to establish technical reference points, around which Bruno Trocini’s future choices will develop. We will see if this week he chooses the 3-5-2 that characterized the comeback against Licata or formations with the four-man defense, as has been seen for almost the entire season.
Regardless of the side, there are players who seem to be an almost indispensable basis as indicated by the playing time granted to them. The most used footballer is Domenico Mungo. In his past there is experience in Serie B and Serie C.
Trocini almost never gives up on him. Initially he had him play in front of the defense and his use in that area of ​​the pitch did not seem to enhance the characteristics of a midfielder with strong offensive skills. A choice dictated by the contingencies linked to the placement of the unders. For a few weeks he has been acting as a midfielder, managing to finish towards goal, score goals and give quality to the team’s play. His performance is growing.
In second place is Nino Barillà employed as a director, but also as a midfielder, attacking midfielder, second striker and striker. His history in Serie A and B says enough about his quality and his ability to best interpret game situations.
Then there is Domenico Girasole. The central defender, since he recovered from the injury, has never lost his starting shirt. A reliable defender like others in the squad, he probably has more than anyone the ability to assert himself in the offensive phase on dead balls. Among the most used “overs”, although he already has two Serie C championships under his belt, he is the youngest (he was born in 2000).
Beyond playing time, however, there are also players who arrived in the running and have almost always been part of the starting lineups. Among them, for example, is Bolzicco who, at the moment, is also the only permanent center forward available.
But Adejo and Porcino are also joining this “club” of fundamental players. The first immediately became the starter at the center of defence, the other, when he was at his best physically, was always at the top of the hierarchy regardless of his role. The former Potenza player played as left back, midfielder, full winger and also wing forward.
They are all players used to playing at higher levels than D and who have currently become the backbone of the team, around which all the others revolve. Including the excellent unders that are in the squad. And it is probably the most experienced who are now being asked to make a leap in quality in performance to make a Reggina-like end to the season.