Reggina, smiles from the infirmary: Salandria and Martiner return


By John

There is two good news at Reggina: Matteo Martiner and Ciccio Salandria are heading towards recovery after the physical problems they have had in recent weeks. Trocini is preparing to have two players again who will expand the choice in view of the championship final and the playoffs in which everyone's contribution will be needed. Against Canicattì the young defender's absence allowed us to see Rana at work for the first time from the first minute. The answers given on the field by another valid under were encouraging and represented confirmation of the depth of the amaranth squad.

An aspect that is especially noticeable in this phase in which all things seem to work, regardless of the protagonists who take the field. For example, without a fundamental piece like Renelus, not at his best and only joining during the match, the recomposition of the starting lineup still had positive effects with Porcino as left midfielder and Perri brought into the trident. However, Martiner is a fundamental element as demonstrated by his playing time this season. Despite being a footballer born in 2005, he is the fourth most used player by Trocini after players like Mungo, Barillà and Girasole. And this, beyond the obligation to field the four young players, is the parameter that best certifies the quality of the performance of the player who arrived on loan from Pro Vercelli.

He can play as a fourth on the right and left and we have also seen him play as a fifth in midfield when playing with the 3-5-2. On the midline, if necessary, he will also be able to lend a hand to Salandria. There is no question of his quality, but this year he has not managed to find continuity in his performances also due to a few too many physical problems. Now he will be able to try to start again as best as possible. Having everyone available would mean improving the positive trend that has been noticed in recent weeks: the sprint during the match in progress which, thanks to important players on the bench, can be achieved with substitutions. This was seen in the second half against Real Casalnuovo in a tight and won match in the second half, but also against Canicattì. Just when the team was in danger of suffering the return of the guests, the new arrivals allowed the contest to end with two goals: those from Renelus and Dervishi. The team trained yesterday at the Sant'Agata sports center, while today preparation for Sunday's match in Locri will continue at Campo Calabro. Although now certain of fourth place, the amaranth team will have to face the last three championship matches with the right concentration so as not to arrive “unloaded” in the first round of the playoffs.