Reggina, the priorities are bomber and under jackets


By John

Twenty-five-twenty-six players, of which at least eight under. This could be the ideal composition of Reggina’s 2024-2025 squad. The transfer campaign, which will open in less than a week, could bring eight-nine new faces to Reggio. A number that would increase if departures were to be recorded.
Analyzing the situation department by department can help interpret the strategies of the club, which wants to be a protagonist on the market with rationality.
Doorman. Velcea is expiring and the loan of the third Fecit ends on June 30th. Starting from July 1st the only “number one” under contract will be Martinez. The club could still focus on an under profile, following the trend that requires teams fighting to win to field a young goalkeeper. However, the Spaniard could stay, accepting that he can find space in the logic of alternating the use of unders in the various roles.
Defenders. It is not yet known whether Pergolizzi will deploy a four-man or three-man defence. However, almost all interpreters can have value with both one side and the other. It can be said that this is the case with Eliman Cham and also with one of the closest signings: Riccardo Malara, in his last season at Vibonese. Left-backs or full-backs are the two alternatives created in 2005 who play in the same role. A high-profile over like Zanchi also plays in that position and could find space if the unders played in other positions. He completes the list of central defenders with Adejo, Girasole, Ingegneri and Kremenovic. On the right, however, there is Parodi for whom the same principles of use apply as illustrated for Zanchi in the opposite lane. What is missing? Probably one or two right backs born in 2006, unless this is the year reserved for the young goalkeeper who would be taken. Under contract there is Dervishi who seems destined to say goodbye as he is no longer under, while Martiner and Rana will see their loans end on 30 June. Both were born in 2005, a year that is probably not the one you are looking for.
Midfield. The central trio made up of Barillà, Mungo and Porcino is a first-tier team. They are also joined by another important footballer like Salandria. However, a pure director is missing and in some moments last season this absence was noticeable. He will likely be one of the targets on the transfer market.
Reggina also has an abundance of unders in this sector: Perri (2005) who has more offensive characteristics, Zucco (2004), Belpanno (2004) and Simonetta (2006) provide different options compared to the “canonical” one of the three unders between goal and defensive outside lanes.
Attack. Lika and Bolzicco’s contracts are expiring and will not be renewed. Provazza (who will no longer be under), Renelus, Rosseti and Marras remain on the team. At least four important signings are expected in the first offensive line. Two central strikers (one hypothesis is Di Nardo from Campobasso) and two wingers or second strikers (the name of Ragusa, fresh from his experience in Messina, has been mentioned). The company knows that the market expects big hits in this sector.