Reggina tries to accelerate on the market. Mungo and Barillà “hot” slopes


By John

This is the moment when those who care about the fate of Lfa Reggio Calabria (or new Reggina, depending on the sensitivity on the topic) would only like to hear about new signings and possibly the arrival of important players for the category. They are dealing with the market general director Giuseppe Bonanno and the sports director Maurizio Pellegrino. Today the priority is to identify those ten-twelve unders who will make up the squad, in such a way as to identify those positions reserved for them and fill the others with overs capable of making the difference.

The issue is well known: the better the young players are and the less prone to making mistakes, the more competitive a D team is considering that at least four must always be on the field as the regulation says. Some young people have already arrived in Reggio Calabria. From these will emerge the first battery of unders that will be made available to Bruno Trocini, to which will then be added those arriving on loan from professional clubs. For this last type of operation there will be time until September 20th, considering the extension given for the market. On Monday the “Sant’Agata” should be usable again and, once the problem of the electricity interruption due to missed payments from previous managements has been overcome, training will be able to resume.

They over? They will come. Probably already in the next two days and with a long series of announcements. For example, we have already mentioned the interest in Mungo and Calapaibut the former Monopolies can also be added to the list Pinto and other profiles. Fresh from an experience with the Apulian green and whites and currently free, he is also there Orlando Viterittiright defensive winger who became an important player in Serie C under the guidance of Bruno Trocini.
Nino Barillà appears to be among the players destined to play for Nuova Reggina. The Reggio midfielder, if his return to the team (albeit with a provisional name) of which he is a fan and which launched him, materializes, would probably take the captain’s armband.

It would be an injection of control into the trend that is also being followed off the pitch. After the appointment of Giuseppe Praticò as communications manager, the company is thinking of new Reggio figures for the organization chart who have already worked in Amaranth. Developments are expected in the coming days. There is, however, an enemy: the passing of time, because everything needs to be done quickly. The race scheduled for Sunday 17th in Acireale will be resumed on 18th October. The home match against Lamezia Terme, originally scheduled for the 20th, is set for October 25th. To date, if no new communications arrive, we could go on the field on the 24th away against San Luca.

Meanwhile, Antonio Lagonigro, born in 2006, signed with Frosinone yesterday. Released after his years in Reggina’s youth sector and the failure of the Amaranto club to register, he was considered one of the most important talents of “Sant’Agata” and will now be able to continue his career in the youth system of a Serie A team.