Reggina wins away against Gioiese. The goals from Marras and Cham all came in the second half


By John

Gioiese Reggina 0-2

Markers: st 12′ Marras, 37′ Cham.
Gioiese: Ammirati 6.5, Miliziano 6 (24′ st D’Aleo 5.5), Ruffino 6, Orazzo 6.5, Scalon 6, Corso sv (15′ st Ferrante sv), Toskic 6.5, Sofrà 5.5 (25′ st Ficarra 5.5), De Marco 6.5, Moscardi 6 (34′ st Rizzo sv), Casadidio 5.5 (24′ st Guicciardi 5.5). All.: Viola 6.
Reggina: Martinez 6, Dervishi 5.5 (33′ st Martiner sv), Ingegneri 6, Kremenovic 6 (21′ st Aquino 6), Zanchi 6, Cham 6.5, Zucco 5.5 (29′ st Ponzo sv), Mungo 5.5 (44′ st Salandria sv), Barillà 6, Marras 6.5, Perri 6 (36′ st Coppola sv). All.: Trocini 6.
Referee: Frasynyak of Gallarate 7 (assistants Gigliotti and Fanara).
Note: approximately 2,500 spectators, mostly guests; cautioned: Casadidio, Coppola, Ponzo, Zucco; injury time: 3′ st, 6′ st.

The second away match on neutral Locri was good for Trocini’s Reggina: after the goalless draw in their championship debut against San Luca, the amaranth beat the new coach’s Gioiese in the fifth match played (three still to be recovered). Franco Viola. The first part of the match was essentially balanced and it was, however, Gioiese who had some good opportunities to take the lead; when the game resumed, Reggina broke the deadlock after twelve minutes and, subsequently, the home team no longer appeared capable of actually recovering the deficit, while the amaranths held the field with absolute authority and doubled their lead in the final, while Martinez was practically no longer in danger.