Reggina with only one goal: «Until the 29th we will only think about B»


By John

“Until August 29 we have to think only of Serie B”. There are not a few in Reggio Calabria who share this thought on the situation in Reggina. A shareable point of view, above all if it will be functional to the unity of the environment in view of the final act of this difficult summer. Serie B would be a fundamental heritage to be preserved. Even leaving very late and in a very precarious situation would still ensure a more than desirable horizon. Reggina will go to the Council of State with the possibility of asserting its reasons. That, however, is a game that the current company will play with its own pool of lawyers.

There is another game which, however, must be played by the city at an institutional level. That of building a parachute, to be used if necessary. The possible restart of Serie D is not, in fact, an acquired privilege, but an option that can be benefited from after having created the right conditions.
The first problem to overcome, we already know, would be the times. Reggina will have the response of the appeal to the Council of State only after the hearing on 29 August. There won’t be that advance that some hoped for. If things go wrong, the goal for the city would become to build a new club that can field a team on the first day of the Serie D championship. The start of the top amateur tournament has already been postponed to 10 September.

A year ago Campobasso, after the last appeal to the Council of State of the unregistered club, was unable to gain admission as a supernumerary. In that case the FIGC, in a note that has become public, underlined how the procedures envisaged by article 52 paragraph 10 had always been started before the composition of Serie D groups and calendars. It was 30 August, with calendars and groups known from 19 Today the hypothesis may arrive after the Council of State, if confirmed, plays in favor of any prospects in Reggio in the event of a negative outcome.

The second problem concerns the assignment of the best possible category: Serie D. In the last few days Siena, which has lost the C, has had the possibility to enter its team only in Eccellenza. In the land of the Palio, the football tradition is important and also made up of several years of Serie A. However, there had already been a restart in 2014 and 2020 (only three years ago). For Reggio Calabria the situation would probably be different.

After a possible failure to register for a professional championship, it is up to a mayor to start the restart procedures. The municipal administration would have already moved in the football field to ensure that Reggio’s case is followed with the attention that such an important reality deserves. President Gravina himself, a few days ago, spoke of the sensitivity of the Federation towards the important squares precisely with regard to the Reggina case.

And then there is the most important question: making sure that any re-foundation of football in Reggio is attractive for entrepreneurs and investors who can give solidity and ambition. There is someone who would be ready to come forward. Among those who will propose it would then be necessary to make the right choice. Everything would be completed in a very short time. The amaranth hope is that in the end it won’t help, but it is necessary to be ready for any eventuality.