Reggio, a new horizon for the young people of Confcommercio: Paolo Destefano new president


By John

“A new chapter opens for Confcommercio and for the city with the establishment of the Young Entrepreneurs Group within the Provincial Traders Association. In the presence of the president Lorenzo Labate and the director Fabio Giubilo, the Group that represents the challenge was formally established Confcommercio for 2024 and which promises to bring a breath of fresh air to the commercial fabric of the province of Reggio”. This is what we read in a note from Confcommercio Reggio Calabria.

Together with Paolo Destefano, entrepreneur in the fashion industry, elected to lead the Group for the next five years, many colleagues from Reggio under 42 who have enthusiastically embraced the project and who are ready to make a difference, providing a contribution of ideas, proposals and stimuli to a Confcommercio which has already done so much good in the last two years, reaching maturity and solidity important and assuming a dynamic and in many respects courageous programmatic structure. Salvo Sgroi, a young and enterprising real estate agent, member of the provincial Fimaa board but already with long association experience, was elected vice-president.

“Our challenge for 2024 begins with young people because we firmly believe that the future of Confcommercio Reggio Calabria and our city is in their hands,” declared President Labate. “In the entrepreneurial context of Reggio Emilia, in which evident difficulties in recent years have caused less enthusiasm and vitality, aiming to fuel the energies of young people is a duty of the institutions and also of ours. I have known Paolo and many young colleagues of the Group for many years and, speaking together or even just looking at their way of interpreting the business, one thing is evident: the new generation wants to dare, to change, to stay on the move, to seek different paths, even at the risk of making mistakes. With a momentum that has unfortunately been lost in too many more experienced trader colleagues. This is why in Confcommercio we strongly wanted the creation of the new Youth Group, because it is young ideas that make the difference, and we are ready to welcome and support them.”

Paolo Destefano, a young man who follows in his family’s entrepreneurial footsteps, perfectly embodies the spirit of this new initiative. 35 years old, trader in the fashion sector, raised under the wing of his father Giorgio and his uncles, owner of two sales points on Corso Garibaldi, always Confcommercio, Paolo represents the ideal fusion between tradition and innovation. He has the task of courageously leading the Reggio Emilia Young Entrepreneurs Group with the awareness of having a good team behind him, many friends, a present and solid Confcommercio, a national Confcommercio Young Group, led today by president Matteo Musacci, who represents the flower the flagship of our Confederation.

“I am honored to take on the leadership of the Young Confcommercio Reggio Calabria – the first declaration of the newly elected president Paolo Destefano – ready to represent the voices and aspirations of young entrepreneurs from Reggio Calabria in the trade, tourism and services sectors. I thank Confcommercio, President Labate and the friends who gave me trust and a great responsibility today. Five years of challenges and opportunities await us, in which we will start from the desire to be a team, from our being friends as well as entrepreneurs, to give more impetus to our activities and to Reggio commerce and to overcome together the difficulties that are not lacking in our journey. With a team rich in diversity but united by common values, we face this adventure with the awareness that doing business is a life choice, a vocation that distinguishes us. Representing the new generations in a wonderful city and in a large organization like Confcommercio Reggio Calabria has become is a source of pride for me: together, we will work to contribute to the development of our community, taking advantage of every possibility that the future holds for us”.