Reggio, approximately 470 grams of cocaine seized: two arrests


By John

Two drug-related arrests were made by the State Police in a few days in Reggio.
The first arrest took place along State Road 106, in the countryside of the municipality of Condofuri, the personnel of the Brancaleone Traffic Police and the UPGSP of the Police Headquarters arrested a person in flagrante delicto of possession for the purpose of dealing narcotic substances.
The man, while traveling in a car, he did not stop when ordered by the Officers of the Traffic Police and began his escape in the direction of Reggio Calabria.
The fugitive was then stopped by the police squad and the traffic officers who identified the man, a 29-year-old convicted felon from Reggio, without a license to drive a rental car.
The man's behavior led the State Police Agents to carry out a personal and vehicle search and, under the seat, a heat-sealed cellophane wrapper was identified and seized, with approximately 400 grams of a substance which, subjected to chemical-qualitative examination by the specialized personnel of the Regional Cabinet of Scientific Police for Calabria in Reggio Calabria, was found to be a narcotic of the cocaine type.
The check also continued at the man's home with the help of a State Police canine unit. The judicial authority validated the arrest and ordered the man to be placed in prison as a precautionary measure.
The second arrest was made by police personnel at the police station in the northern area of ​​the city.
The Agents noticed a person on board a scooter who, at the sight of the State Police car, was trying to get rid of a wrapper, traveling along a stretch of pavement.
The Agents stopped the man and recovered the package which contained approximately 13 grams of substance, which, following the results of the tests carried out by the local Regional Scientific Police Office, was found to be of the cocaine type.
The man, a 65-year-old from Reggio with a police record, was subjected to a personal search and police activity was also extended to his home.
In the home of the arrested person, with the help of a canine unit of the local Guardia di Finanza, inside a closet, it was recovered and a quantity equal to approximately 55 grams of cocaine was seized, as well as material for weighing and dividing the narcotic.
The competent judicial authority validated the arrest and ordered the man to be placed on precautionary measures in prison.