Reggio, at the Palazzo della Cultura administrators meeting with the Archdiocese in the “Construction site of political passion”


By John

The “Pasquino Crupi” Palace of Culture of the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria was the theater of the new event of the “Centre of political passion” promoted by the Archdiocese of Reggio Calabria in the presence of mayors and administrators of the city and metropolitan area.

The mayor took part in the meeting Giuseppe Falcomatà, together with representatives of the Reggio municipal administration and some municipalities in the metropolitan hinterland. The first Citizen thanked the Bishop Monsignor Fortunato Morrone for the interesting initiative of comparison and in-depth analysis which has now reached its fourth appointment in the area.

As in the case of previous meetings of the Construction site, the participants were involved in a moment of discussion between local administrators, heads of ecclesiastical and secular associations and experts, in the work of the three thematic tables, useful for further developing the debate already started on previous occasions . The thematic tables focus on priority themes for the development of the common good in the city and metropolitan area: young people and work, citizen participation and the fight against degradation and depopulation.

During the meeting the representatives of the metropolitan administration and the Municipalities present illustrated some of the to the Bishop activities that are taking place in the direction of social development in the sectors indicated by the tables.

The initiative was also an opportunity for dialogue and mutual discussion between the Administrators present, who shared problems and strategic objectives, especially in the social sphere, which concern collaboration with the ecclesiastical authority, in all its aspects, in particular in peripheral territories and in defending the rights of the most fragile realities.

The working table has been updated until next May, with a new discussion that will once again involve mayors and administrators of the territory.