Reggio Calabria, struck down by an illness at the age of 22: the Health Guarantor turns the spotlight on some “suspicious” deaths


By John

Giuseppe was a Calabrian child of just 13 years old. A heart attack, in the silence of the night, took him away from life, from the affection of his parents and his little brother a few days ago.
An incredible tragedy to which is added the one that occurred yesterday in Reggio Calabria, where a young 22 year old woman L. was allegedly according to initial findings, she was struck down by a sudden illness.

Precisely in light of the numerous reports received from “anomalous deaths” and citizens’ concerns, the Health Guarantor of the Calabria Region, Anna Maria Stanganelli, has activated a technical table, the first in Southern Italy, with doctors, experts and associations, to shine a spotlight on the possible causes of these sudden deaths in young and apparently healthy subjects.

“I wish to make the concerns of the citizens and the drama of the family members of these young lives my own, promising the utmost commitment to the questions they have expressed to me,” declared Anna Maria Stanganelli.