“Reggio Christmas City”, gifts and smiles for the children of Pediatric Oncohematology


By John

First Christmas solidarity event in Reggio inside the GOM premises. A special moment of joy and warmth dedicated to the little patients of ‘Morelli’

The first gesture of humanity and solidarity of ‘Reggio Christmas City’ touches the Great Metropolitan Hospital of Reggio Calabria. It’s time to gifts and smiles for children hospitalized in the pediatric oncology and haematology departmententhusiastic about the gifts received from the dozens of companies in the metropolitan area involved in the ‘Let it be Christmas’ project.

“I sincerely thank Svi.Pro.Re. and the Metropolitan City for having thought of our little patients and for the attention shown to our department – ​​explains Dr. Rosalba Mandaglio, Head of Pediatric Oncohematology of the GOM – Dozens of gifts were delivered by Reggio companies, the result of the generosity of our fellow citizens. Our goal is to humanize the department and make it a second home for our guests. Moments like today’s only enrich the path of humanization.”

Thanks to the sensitivity of numerous traders, hundreds of gifts including toys, paints, books, clothing and sweets were delivered to the Metrocity in-house company to enrich and make the days of the little patients happier, and not just at Christmas. Gifts and small thoughts brought this morning by the managers of Svi.Pro.Re. accompanied by the mascots and elves of Santa Claus’ Village directly to the children.

“The Christmas 2023 solidarity journey begins from Morelli – states the sole director of Svi.Pro.Re. Dr. Michele Rizzo – We found little children, all beautiful with big problems and we gave them some little gifts in the hope of offering them a couple of hours of serenity. I thank all the traders and shopkeepers who participated in our collection. Everything arrived with great participation and enthusiasm, from football shirts to colors, from sports equipment to sweets.”
Satisfied with the commitment shown by the institutions, too Luisa Foletti, psychologist of the AIL project.

“An intense and memorable day that brought joy to the GOM premises. We thank the Metropolitan City for the sensitivity shown. The children spent carefree moments together with friends from the ‘L elephant’ association. It’s nice to think that the city is sensitive through concrete signs of help.”

In the next few days the solidarity of ‘Reggio Christmas City’ will touch other virtuous realities including visits to the juvenile prison, social lunches, charity initiatives and bingo games for the most needy.
The mothers of the young patients in the pediatric oncohematology department were also very happy.

“It was a very touching moment – ​​Riccardo’s mother says excitedly – ​​Thanks to all those who worked hard to give a smile to our children in difficulty. We need joy, affection and serenity.”

Next widespread Christmas event, Wednesday 20 December at the juvenile prison of Reggio Calabria for the second delivery of gifts and smiles.