Reggio, complaints and reports of the Local Police regarding construction and commercial police. Over half a quintal of food goods seized


By John

The activity of the Local Police of Reggio Calabria continues unabated in the fight against crimes. Commander Zucco's agents inspected in three different activities numerous itinerant traders in public areas, raising sanctions for irregular or abusive sales to three business owners for a total of over 12,000 euros. Over 60 kg of fruit and vegetables which were then donated to charity, and around 1000 pieces of various goods were also seized from the two completely illegal traders, who were selling food and non-food goods without any authorization. Again yesterday they were two people were referred to the judicial authorities for building abuse. The violators have been reported to the administrative offices of the municipality for the issuing of the competent measures. building. On the traffic police front, in the last three days there have been as many people reported for driving while intoxicated. The services will continue in the following days.