Reggio, Falcomatà’s anger on the cycle path of Via De Nava: “A massacre that the city will not pay for”


By John

He saw the cycle path in via De Nava and he became quite angry. The mayor FalcomatàThen he shot a video as if to justify himself to his fellow citizens. «A story that started badly and risks ending worse. When I returned at the end of October – he stated – the first thing I did was to try to see clearly about this project, to understand how it could be corrected. What we have today is a useless and dangerous work that will not be able to bring the benefits for which it was planned. Therefore, I immediately had a meeting with the designers to understand how this work could proceed correctly compared to how it had not been from the beginning. Evidently they didn’t want to hear our request and so what I had to do was ask for the suspension of the works, which finally arrived today (yesterday for those reading this, ed.). I asked to see clearly about the responsibilities of the designers, of the RUPs, of all those who should have monitored the correct execution of the works and who are evidently not doing so”.
The mayor then invited people not to use the cycle path, showing the poor conditions it is in, due to poorly done work, as well as the fact that it was built in the lane reserved for buses and emergency vehicles.. «You don’t need a degree in engineering to understand that a cycle path cannot be built in this way – declared Falcomatà -. This is an attack on the safety and intelligence of citizens, who cannot pay the price for inability, imprudence, incompetence and everything else that may be involved in the execution and planning of these works. When I met the designers to try to get the project back on track, they told me that they are the technicians, that the project is fine and that it is the best project in the world. So, let these people reveal themselves, explain to the city how it is possible to carry out a job in this way. How is it possible to create a “bike line” on a stretch of road where buses pass, and there isn’t even space for them to pass, and tell the citizens how they conceived this mobility project for the city. For my part – he concluded – in addition to verifying whether it is possible to continue the project, I will verify the civil, criminal and administrative responsibilities of those who allowed this massacre who will not pay the city but someone else. Let them tell us how rubbish like this can be done.”