Reggio, school canteens are not available. “They are incapable and careless”


By John

«This administration, by Falcomatà-Brunetti, is essentially a machine that causes discomfort for the city and that every day works to adopt measures that make the daily life of citizens and families more difficult and tiring». The city councilor stated this in a note Mario Cardia. «A majority that instead of thinking about how to provide services – Cardia attacks – allowing Reggio families to lead a normal life, only thinks about how to further mortify our territory, from the center to the suburbs. The enormous inconveniences that are affecting the Reggio area for school canteens and roads are proof of this.”
Cardia states that «in the general silence of the responsible councillors, practically present only in the accounting records of the institution under the heading “indemnities”, two events are taking place in the city in recent days which are the emblem of absolute indifference and the inability to this administration to provide for the most basic needs of citizens: the ban on school canteens abandoned and changes to traffic in the populous Gebbione district. There are thousands of requests for clarity and help coming in recent days from Reggio families, forced to experience serious organizational and work-related hardships due to the absence of canteen service in the city’s school complexes.”