Reggio, Scopelliti: “The good of the city? Resign”


By John

Pepper Scopelliti he defines himself as a “normal citizen”. But he must not be that “normal”, since he continues to fill the squares where he continues to talk about his book and much else. On Sunday afternoon, for example, he was in Motta San Giovanni to talk in the square with the psychiatrist Nico Pangallo and the journalist Pasquale Romano and he also spoke about the latest events that are shaking the city. Starting with the “Ducale” operation.
“When I received the news, I felt bad,” Scopelliti began, “because I thought about the damage to the image it would cause for my city. And then I thought about the suspects, their families and their loved ones. I’m not interested in the judicial aspect of the matter, I have never opened bottles of champagne for the misfortunes of others. Falcomatà said, years ago, that we are genetically different, and he is right. We have never built our lives on the misfortunes of others but only on our own merit and courage.” Having said this, now there is an access commission looming… “I am not even remotely a supporter of the arrival of the access commission,” Scopelliti specified, “which would be devastating for my city. However, I read about all this succession of events, that all these strange reports emerge anyway but the city cannot risk a second receivership. I hope, therefore, that there is a sense of responsibility, which I do not see today but which I hope will be acquired in the coming days and that it will push everyone to step aside and resign. It’s the right thing to do at this time.”