Reggio, shock in the Arghillà prison. Doctor Nicola Pangallo threatened and attacked by an inmate


By John

Threatened and attacked while visiting an inmate in the Reggio “Arghillà” prison. He risked his own safety the doctor Nicola Pangallohealth coordinator of the penitentiary institute, threatened with a razor blade by a prisoner of North African origin, aged around 35, who arrived in the Arghillà prison last Saturday from Enna. What triggered the prisoner’s anger against the medical director was that he had prescribed a therapy that was not “welcomed” by the prisoner.

The Union of Penitentiary Police Unions intervened on the episode: “Only thanks to the timely and effective intervention and mediation work of the penitentiary police staff was it possible to avoid a possible bloodbath. It is with dismay that we also report that the the same individual has threatened the staff working in the section in the past, demonstrating a clear predisposition to violence against those who carry out their duty with dedication and professionalism. It is with deep concern that we note how our colleagues have to face threats like this over time serious and hostile situations within their working environment, among other things without the numbers necessary to guarantee a reasonable level of safety”.