Reggio, the Democratic Party doesn’t talk about the mayor but only about the minimum wage


By John

The suspended mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà he has been sent to trial again for the usual abuse of office and what is the Democratic Party doing? Of course he pretends nothing happened. There are always more pressing problems to face, and never mind if people lose faith in politics and institutions. The regional secretary is silent on the new Falcomatà trial Nicola Irtowhile the metropolitan secretary prefers to talk about something else Antonio Morabitor the city secretary Valeria Bonforte, who are engaged in collecting signatures in support of the bill on the minimum wage that the Democratic Party is supporting at all levels. The appointment in the city is set for tomorrow in the small square in front of Lido station with the gazebos that will be open from 10 to 12 as part of the initiative “If you also think that in Italy we need to set a minimum wage, put a signature on it!”.
«This is a battle of civilization that concerns all of us and the very progress of our society – explains the city secretary of the Democratic Party Valeria Bonforte whoand supports the bill from the start –. It should be remembered that the minimum wage is foreseen in 22 EU countries and that to have it also in Italy our party has presented a bill that the centre-right government led by Giorgia Meloni has refused to discuss, postponing everything to the autumn, not caring of the conditions in which over three million Italian workers live”.