Reggio, the Democratic Party relaunches and offers the mayor an “end of council agreement”


By John

They took all the time necessary for in-depth reflection and after 48 hours they made public a “lukewarm” response to the mayor’s invitation for a meeting to clarify and resolve the crisis underway in the Municipality with the completion of the new Council. “Within a few hours the crisis will be resolved with the entry of the dem councilors”, they repeated in the perimeter of Palazzo San Giorgio. And, instead, the Democratic Party wants to do things calmly by evaporating any tension with the mayor and broadening the discussion “to the coalition”.
The PD’s response to Giuseppe Falcomatà it came from the signatures of the secretary of the Democratic Party of Reggio Calabria Valeria Bonforte and the group leader in the city council Giuseppe Sera: «We take note – they write – of the appeal addressed by Giuseppe Falcomatà to the Democratic Party and the coalition. The Reggio Democrats have always considered the interest of the City and the signing of an “end of council agreement” based on precise and concrete programmatic points to be fundamental. We will therefore meet the Mayor to discuss together how Reggio Calabria can experience a new beginning made of collective interest and development. We are aware that we need to work to prevent the centre-right forces, responsible for the economic and social collapse of the Municipality, from returning to administration, we have already paid the price for their inability”.