Reggio, the lights of the Parliament lit on Arghillà


By John

The first stop on the Hon's visit to the city was the Prefecture. Alessandro Battilocchiopresident of the parliamentary commission of inquiry into the safety conditions and state of degradation of the cities and their suburbs, who arrived on the shores of the Strait to pay attention to the Arghillà neighbourhood.
The invitation of the Hon. was accepted. Francesco Cannizzaro, the parliamentarian intended to personally evaluate the reality of Arghillà to collect as much information as possible to then transfer to the entire Suburbs Commission, which has the task of verifying the state of degradation and discomfort of the suburbs, with regard to the security and socio-economic implications , through the examination of a series of factors: urban structure, social composition, forms of poverty, marginality and social exclusion, education and training offer, distribution of infrastructural resources, mobility situation, distribution of collective services.