“Trump is unable to cover the 464 million bail”


By John

Donald Trump is unable to find an insurance company that will guarantee the $464 million bail established by the sentence in the trial in New York for the inflated assets.

His lawyers communicated this – CNN reports – to a New York appeals court, asking for a postponement of the terms, which expire at the end of the month.

The tycoon's lawyers reported that they had contacted 30 insurance institutions to cover the sum.

“The judgment amount, including interest, exceeds $464 million, and very few surety companies will consider bail approaching that magnitude,” Trump's lawyers wrote. An insurance broker, Gary Giuletti, who testified on Trump's behalf during his civil fraud trial, signed an affidavit saying that securing bail for the full amount “is virtually impossible.” According to the tycoon's lawyers, potential bail bondsmen are looking for cash, not real estate.