Reggio, the Metropolitan City smiles. Now the delegations are closer


By John

Something (beautiful) is moving on the horizon of the Metropolitan City. Indeed we could even go out of our way and say that the Metropolitan City is starting to take its definitive shape. And it is not just something abstract or aesthetic philosophy but a substantial fact that will have a strong impact on the lives of people from Reggio. Why lhe words spoken by vice president Giusi Princi open new horizons for Palazzo Alvaro: «The Region is in favor of implementing the process of institutional reorganization aimed at attributing additional functions to the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria». An announcement perhaps unexpected but which reconciles with politics, the beautiful one that does not look at the paltry interests of the parties but puts the rights of citizens first.

The appointment between Princi and Falcomatà has been set for March 21st, a symbolic date, and could also mark the beginning of… Spring for the Metropolitan City. «Finally the Region has activated the process of transferring delegations and functions, responding to the various requests that the Metropolitan City has put forward in recent years – stated the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà, wearing the role of first metropolitan citizen -. Requests which, moreover, simply asked for the application of a state law, which dates back to ten years ago.”