Reggio, they beat up a prisoner in prison. Appeal by the Prosecutor’s Office against the ruling of no place to proceed


By John

There Public Prosecutor’s Office of Reggio Calabria he forwarded appeal against the ruling of no place to proceed issued by the judge of the preliminary hearing against six officers of the penitentiary policein service in Reggio “San Pietro” prisoninvolved in alleged case of torture, physical and moral violence and beatingsuffered by a Neapolitan prisoner on 22 January 2022, the same day as the visit to the Reggio prison by the then Minister of Justice, Marta Cartabia.

Acquitted by the Gup of Reggio last September 21st, the Public Prosecutor Sara Prezzan, with the approval of the prosecutor Giovanni Bombardieri and the deputy prosecutor Stefano Musolino, formalized an appeal to the Court of Appeal of Reggio so that “please declare the no-proceeding ruling null and void” paid by Alessandro Gugliotta (Sant’Agata Militello Messina, 54 years old); Diego Ielo (Reggio, 58 years old); Angelo Longo (Barcelona Pozzo di Gotto Messina, 42 years old); Stefano Munafò (native of Milazzo, resident of Villa San Giovanni, 35 years old); Carmelo Vazzana (Reggio, 53 years old); Antonino Biondo (Reggio, 47 years old). The Prosecutor’s Office simultaneously challenged the order with which “ordered the preliminary hearing of the director Calogero Tessitore and the deputy commander Sergio Aldo Floresta”.

For the same matter, six members of the Penitentiary Police serving at the “San Pietro” prisons, including the former commander Stefano La Cava, will face the trial which will begin on November 20th before the Collegiate Court of Reggio Calabria.