Rome updates the map of prefects: Ciaramella in Latina, Padovano arrives in Cosenza


By John

Emotions run high on the day Palazzo Chigi updated the map of prefects. A rotation that also involves the province of Cosenza. Vittoria Ciaramella will leave Cosenza to return to the offices of Latina where, from February 2018 to January 2020, she had already worked as deputy prefect, before her experience as cabinet chief in Rome. She arrived in Cosenza on August 9, 2021.
Just under three years lived intensely, moving periodically to discover the communities that survive in one of the most complex geographical areas of the national territory. The prefect-journalist (she has been a member of the Campania Order since 2005) courageously faced the flare-ups of covid, the thousand labor disputes, the roar of the ‘ndrangheta on both coasts (the guarantee device set up with the collaboration of the police to shield the contract for the State Road 106 is exemplary), political tensions, the dissolution of the Municipality of Rende and all the other emergencies, gathering the appreciation of the people. And the citizens themselves have sadly greeted the departure of the “prefect of proximity”, the woman who had brought the State to every corner of this land.
The Viminale has also chosen its successor. The new head of the Territorial Office of the Government. This is Rosa Maria Padovano who comes from Rimini where she remained for a year and a half. Padovano is 62 years old, originally from Mola di Bari, married and mother of a son. She entered the Civil Administration of the Interior in 1990, starting right from the “home” Prefecture, in Bari. She also worked in the prefectures of Ancona and Taranto before her appointment in Romagna.