Rosafio: «Messina, now we have to start again»


By John

Messina's week began with an intense training session and another appointment in the city and, after their efforts on the field, they took part in the “Blue Week” initiative at Palazzo Zanca to celebrate World Autism Day. Usual warm hug for the attackers Marco Rosafio and Vincenzo Plesciawelcomed by the municipal councilor for social policies, Alessandra Calafiore, and by many “special” kids, who chatted with the players, took photos and asked for autographs.
«It's a pleasure to participate because they make you understand how lucky we are. Seeing these kids who, despite the difficulties, live life to the fullest is magnificent and knowing that our presence makes them happy fills us with pride. We always hope to be an example”, said the attacking winger, fresh from the defeat against Juve Stabia and a collective performance below expectations.
«Juve Stabia played a great match, with intensity, while we – added Marco Rosafio – were unable to find spaces. It's not by chance and when your opponent crushes you you have to compliment them and analyze the mistakes. We have to start again with a different attitude because we are not those from Castellammare. We have to go back to being a team that wants to save itself and not think about the playoffs.”
With the playoff gap reduced to 4 points there is a need to change gear, especially in defense with 7 goals conceded in the last two matches, and Sunday's match (2pm at the “Franco Scoglio”) against Monterosi could be decisive.
«It's the match – underlined Rosafio –. Either you save yourself or you risk falling into the low areas and we don't want that. We talked, there is a desire to start again, change our attitude and be as tough as before.”
The desire to redeem themselves is clear, there is trust, team spirit and Rosafio, Plescia and the entire attack are the “special observers”, because goals are needed to secure salvation: «I hope Vincenzo scores against Monterosi and until the last race. If he deserves it, he's a special guy. I don't think it's negative – concluded the attacking winger – we have shown that we are a group of good players and we can go back to being the running team, capable of helping each other and concrete. We have been for months and we can do it again.”
Work Diary tough for the Giallorossi under the watchful eye of mister Giacomo Modica: separated for Civilleri, but recovered after the ankle problem, Frisenna out due to fever and Ortisi due to the shoulder injury, only therapy for Lia. Double session today.
Sports judge A stop session for Emmausso and Polito, stopped after the tenth yellow card. Same sanction for the defender Sini of Monterosi. Another fine for the club: 1,400 euros “for having caused the start of the match to be delayed by 2 minutes by not showing up on time in the tunnel to enter the pitch”.
Arbitration triad Domenico Mirabella of Naples will referee Sunday's match, with assistants Michele Colavito of Bari and Manuel Cavalli of Bergamo. Fourth official Giuseppe Costa of Catanzaro.