Rossano prison: “Convicted of Camorra murder, but he is innocent”. Bo Guerreschi's complaint


By John

“In the Rossano prison we have a model prisoner called Angelo Marino, convicted of Camorra murder but totally innocent, imprisoned purely by conviction of the court. We are preparing the review of your process through the lawyer Baldassare Lauriabut in the meantime he he has been inside for 11 years, in silence and in the shadows». This is the public denunciation of Bo Guerreschi, president of the international NGO “bon't worry”, during a conference on fundamental rights held in the auditorium of the Juvenile Justice Center of Catanzaro, promoted by the same organization on the initiative of former senator Silvia Vono, who is its national director, and in which the deputy minister of Justice, Francesco Paolo Sisto, participated remotely.

«Nevertheless, Angelo does not give up and, also because of our presence and our support, he is studying – said Guerreschi – and is working on large-scale projects, thanks to his talent, his willpower and his trust in own intellectual and moral means. I wanted you to know this story, because the only way to reflect on the state of justice and prisons in Italy is to tell the facts with the courage of the truth and with the desire to contribute first of all to changing the dominant culture, which in our country it tends to obscure the principle of innocence and that of the re-education of the convicted person. I then turn to the Deputy Minister of Justice, a man of law and democracy, so that – concluded Guerreschi – he carries forward a fundamental cause that belongs to everyone, that is, the real application of three constitutional principles: the innocence of the person, re-education and treatment, in the event of conviction, never contrary to the sense of humanity. With our Silvia Vono and all the others, we will continue – underlines President Guerreschi – to work tirelessly to protect victims of violence and to re-educate prisoners together with public institutions, including with university programs in the Calabrian area”