Rules and prohibitions for animals in condominiums, seminar organized by Confbuilding Catanzaro


By John

The conference room of the Bar Association of Catanzaro, in the Palace of Justice in via Falcone e Borsellino, will host a new and interesting seminar on 11 April, starting at 3.30 pm, on: “Animals in the condominium. Rules and prohibitions”.

At the meeting, moderated by Daniela Rodolatreasurer of the COA of Catanzaro, will report Antonio Abatevice president of Confedilizia Catanzaro, Elisabetta Errigoprofessor at UMG, Anselmo Poerioveterinary doctor, e Sandro Scoppapresident of Confedilizia Calabria. Vincenzo Agostopresident of the COA of Catanzaro, Gerlando Cuffaropresident of the Order of Engineers, Fernando Chillàpresident of the College of Surveyors, e William Gigliottipresident of the Union of Young Accountants of Catanzaro, will bring greetings from the entities represented.

The seminar, organized by Catanzaro Confbuildingfocuses on one of the most important innovations introduced by condominium reform, in force from 18 June 2013, according to which: “The rules of the condominium regulations cannot prohibit owning or keeping pets”. This is a rule that aims to remove a ban which, if applied, would constitute a limitation of people's rights to family affection, by virtue of the fact that dogs and cats are considered an integral part of the family. The right to keep an animal in one's home implies the right to use the common areas, because they are the property of all condominium owners: just as you cannot prohibit your neighbor from owning a dog, you cannot prohibit him from taking the elevator either . It follows from this that any condominium resolution that contains similar provisions can be annulled in court.

The new legislation is aimed at remedying one of the most debated problems and the source of numerous disputes. In fact, more and more often condominium disputes over the presence of animals are over and end up in court. Therefore, if we live with a four-legged friend it is essential to know our rights (and duties) to avoid cohabitation problems and legal consequences.

The seminar is open to all. Its accreditation with the professional associations of Catanzaro is underway for the purposes of mandatory periodic training of members.